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Here are some thumbnail images of outfits I've sewn. Click on the image if you want to view a larger version.


Elf PrincessElf PrincessThis is my Elf Princess. The gown was designed on my Duct Tape Form. It is made from Blue File and velvet fabric. The front bodice drape is gathered onto the boned midriff and extends over the left shoulder to form a fall down the back. To see a back shot go to my bio page.


Wool CloakHere is a simple washable wool cloak. I've made hundreds of these and used to sell them at conventions. Fur Trimmed Wool CloakThis is basically the same cloak as above, but edged with fur and fully lined. It also has inner tailored pockets.

Wool Wrapping CapeWool Wrapping CapeThis is a nice Wrapping Cape. Very simple one-piece of wool that wraps in various ways.

Embroidered Wool Wrapping CapeEmbroidered Wool Wrapping CapeHere is the same Wrapping Cape, Embroidered with one-of-a-kind designs. I never make any 2 exactly alike.

Faux Fur Coatwidth=It's been some time since I made a faux fur coat, but I used to work in the faux fur often. This is the coat I made for the International Faux Fur Design Contest I won in 1997. It was also the inspiration for my first Threads article that ran in the January issue 1998.

King Henry VIIIHere is a Historical garment. I must confess that I did not do it totally as history would dictate. I did use modern sewing methods of construction, because I wanted a more durable garment. But the results ended up being quite impressive. The raw materials cost me $600 and there is about 800 hours of work in it, mostly hand sewing on the gold trim and beads.

Cinderella Gown
Cinderella Gown
Cinderella Gown
This is my version of Cinderella. The skirt is made of upholstery Velvet and man, is it heavy! The satin top has rose decorations that are made by sewing individual petals of fabric. In the second picture, you can see the hand beaded design quite well.



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