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Here are some thumbnail images of my NEW, NEW Basement Studio workroom. So, here I am in another house, in another location, starting over again. How many times am I going to say, "I am NOT doing this again?"

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This house has a nice inviting entrance, a long driveway and plenty of parking for customers.

This porchway also gives customers a place to go if it's raining and get settled before they ring my bell.

Studio Picture 1

Once again, I am using basement space for my Sewing Studio. This house does have a separate entrance to the basement but it's not very inviting and harder to keep clean for transporting precious wedding gowns to the fitting area.

From the bottom of the staircase you can turn right into the sewing/fitting area, or left into the dressing room.

Studio Picture 2This dressing room is spacious enough for a bride to change with a maid or 2. I prefer to see each participant of a bridal party separately, but many bridal customers like to go together to their fittings, or bring a mom or sister. This space is great for several people to feel comfortable. It is also a storage area for my home. I found these lovely shower curtains to cover the storage shelves. Though the curtains and rugs came from different stores, the colors go well together. The chairs I already had.

This is also the room I use to steam gowns using my new Jiffy Steamer that came with a really nice travel rolling case, so I can take it to weddings and offer steaming services on location. You can see it in this picture next to the mirrored closet doors.

The Fitting Area features 4 mirrors, strategically positioned so the garment back & front can be easily viewed from the fitting stage, without twisting. There is also ample floor space to provide brides with room to walk around and test their hems.

On the opposite wall from the Fitting stage are 3 bookcases for storage/organization of sewing notions, iron & board, and my Industrial Machine for heavy I large sewing tasks.


To the right of the Singer Industrial machine is my Viking Epic Embroidery machine with embroidery threads and other needs neatly stored on th ebackboard, shelves and drawers. The shelf at the top of this section holds cabinets of various notions.


The Center section of the counter is my main workstation and features my Viking Sapphire. The green Formica countertop used to be in the kitchen of this house. In deciding what to do with the kitchen remodel, I discovered that the countertop was the perfect measurement for this space and matched the color of the carpet. So, we brought it down stairs and set it up onto new cabinets. My DH made the shelving sections between the cabinets for open storage. The Sapphire machine is positioned on what was the sink hole, temporarily sitting on a piece of shelving. Eventually my DH will build a shelf below, so that the machine will sit at counter height.


The Blind Hemming & 2 Surging machines are to the right of the main workstation. The 4 thread Serger is set up on the countertop while the Flat Feld machine is below on a shelf because it is rarely used, but can easily and quickly be set up for service. Above are my thread peg boards and more storage for small notions. With my collection of machines, I can tackle most any sewing task.

Behind the Surger is a charging station for customer use with a colection of plugs & charging cables. Along with Wifi, it's a great customer perk.

Behind the chair is a storage room with fabrics and other items that aren't totally organized yet. LOL


Behind the fitting Stage is a business counter with my credit card machine and other fitting needs and office supplies for tabulation of the estimate.


So, there's my new, new fitting studio. I'm very happy with it and so are my customers.


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