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This gowns train is long but very narrow. Trying to do a one point Pick-up bustle didn't drape well. The sides of the gown kept dragging no matter what we tried to do to get the whole train up evenly, so I suggested we try the Train Flip and this is the result. There are 9 points.


This gown is a perfect design for a Train Flip. It does put a lot of fabric behind the bride's legs, but it's not as uncomfortable as walking around all evening with a dragging train.

This gown presented some special problems. First it was a very soft buttery satin that did not want to cooperate with being bustled. Next, there were strategically placed security tacking stitches at various places along the train to hold the swirl design in place while the train was down. These tacking stitches interfered with the draping of the fabric once the train was flipped. I had to add many more tacking stitches to hold the fabric in place while flipped that also did not interferer with the way it had to drape when not bustled. It was quite a job but eventually I got the fabric to cooperate and the resulting bustle looks like there was no train at all.


I wanted to bustle this gown with a Side Sling but the bride didn't like it so I showed her the Flip and she loved it. The bride gets what she wants.



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