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This studio is for Bridal Professionals - Alteration, Sales and Management of bridal stores and other bridal businesses - to discuss brides and their gown needs.

I get criticized a lot for ranking on bridal stores and their employees for many things. Here is the other side of the coin. Much of what is here can also be found in the Home Pro Studio and the Doing Your Own Alterations Page.

Troublesome Gowns

Troublesome Brides

Dieting Brides

Why Doesn't My Bride Understand?

Troublesome Maids

Troublesome Moms and Other Family Members

Starting New Bridal Business

Rush Jobs

Amazing Stories

Pricing Bridal Alterations

Bridal Business Policies

Fitting Do's and Don't's

Instructional DVD's
Beautiful Bustles

Advice to Brides and Salon Workers

Business Resources

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