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added March 2011

Hi, my name is Pamela Giesmann.  I loved looking around your site.  I was researching side bustles for wedding gowns and noticed that you listed several types but not a side bustle.  My nephew is getting married and I have agreed to alter dresses (have done so for many years) but cannot find any info about side bustles.  Might you have any tips or a picture of one that you would be willing to share?

I thank you for your help and wish you all success in your business.

Many thanks, Pamela

Hi Pamela,
I don't have any pictures of side bustles for I have not been asked to do any since I started the site. BUT since you have written I now have one bride who is wanting a side bustle. I won't be doing it for several weeks though.  
My only advice is do it like a Ballroom bustle only setting the anchor points on the side of the gown where it is the most flattering. The process is exactly the same.  



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