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Lace-up Back Conversions

Here's a relatively easy solution for the pregnant bride. We removed the zipper and added loops that can now be laced. We used braid for the loops and 5 yards of 1" double sided satin ribbon for the laces. A modesty panel was made from scraps from the hemming of another gown. This bride decided to have her modesty panel start at her waist leaving the upper lacings to show skin between the ribbon.


This is a before picture for the same type of operation but for a gown that was just too small for the bride.

This is the gown with the zipper removed and the lacings and modesty panel in place. This bride wanted to wear a more supportive bra that hooked across her back so she opted to have her modesty panel cover the whole area behind the lacings.

She also opted to use colored satin for the panel. Here you can see that the color of the modesty panel matches nicely with the amber beads of the gown's lovely beadwork.

More Converted Lace-up Backs




I used to hate gussets because those skinny little strips of fabric set into side seams scream, "I'm to big for my dress". When I do side seam gussets, I often cut some space off the adjacent panels to make the gussets look more natural. My favorite option now is to place the gussets at the zipper sides. This is a very cool solution because it also solves the problem of matching the fabric of the gusset to the fabric of the bodice. contrasting fabric here looks very natural as if it could be a planned design element.

This gown was a great candidate for a zipper gusset. you can see in the first picture that there is a satin design element on the front of the gown that allowed us to use satin for the gusset at the zipper. Matching fabric is often the hardest part of designing a gusset. You might think black is easy until you go to a fabric with the dress and try to match the color. Being able to use a contrasting fabric is a great asset.


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