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The Bridal Studio

The Bridal Studio

A special section of advice for my Bridal Customers.
Great things to think about when shopping for that very important gown.
Details of what to expect when you go for fitting appointments along with a page of alteration cost.
A large section devoted to advice about gown bustling with lots of pictures of gowns for which I have designed bustles.


The Sewing Studio

The Sewing Studio

This section includes pages about my Sewing Studio here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here you can see pictures of my workrooms and some of my creations.

Also visit the HomePro Studio . Find lots of advice for sewing professionals like me, who want to create their own sewing studio in their home.


Duct Tape Double Studio

The Duct Tape Double Dress Form Studio

At the Duct Tape Double Dress Form Studio you will find instruction for making a dressmaker form of your body with duct tape and a few other inexpensive supplies.

From here you can visit the Taping Tales page with stories of mirth and advice from fellow sewing enthusiasts who have successfully made a Duct Tape Double Dress Form of themselves. The Q&A page lists questions visitors have sent me and my answers.


The HomePro Studio

My Sewing business has taken many forms over the past 25 years. From South to North Carolina and now Ohio, where I offer professional sewing services to local clothing boutiques, and the general public. I've worked both alone and with employees, at home and in store front shops. This has provided me with many experiences in managing a small business, dealing with customer's preferences and government regulations. Click this image to visit the Home Pro Studio, where you can read articles and answers to questions concerning how to run a professional sewing business from your home.


The Mask Factory

Our newest Studio is a responce to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Facemasks are now a normal fact of life and have been moving into the fashion statment realm. Come shop our Etsy store at: LeannaStudios.etsy.com


THat Factory

That's are hand crocheted from cut up T-Shirts yarn we call THarn. It's a great way to upcycle old T-Shirts


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